Governing Board

Education is power.Valley School District’s governing board consists of seven community members who work together to ensure that the students in our schools receive the best education possible. The board meets together regularly to make decisions regarding school policies, budget allocations, and educational goals.

We would like to extend a formal invitation welcoming you to join us during our regular board meetings. We hold these meetings on the third Thursday of every month at 6:30 p.m. in the board room at Central Office. For more information, please note our schedule on the side of this page.

Meet Our Board Members


Blake Yount

Vice President
Mitch Tedder


Teresa Campbell

Chris Warden


Pat Yount
Trina Kirby
Pat Masson


Meeting Agenda

Please join us for our next meeting! You may view the agenda here, so you'll know what we’ll be discussing.

2017-2018 Agendas

You may view past agendas here.

Meeting Summary

If you missed our last meeting, don’t worry. Here you can access our meeting summary and stay up-to-date with everything happening in our district. If you would like to view the complete meeting minutes, please contact the administration office.

Audit Summaries

You may view our Audit Summaries here.

Board Policies

Our governing board helps to create the policies our district follows in day-to-day operations and special circumstances. In the interest of transparency, we invite you to read our Revised School Board Policies.