Our District

Valley R-VI serves K–12th grade students in the Bellevue Valley of eastern Missouri. Situated 80 miles south of St. Louis, we are proud of the historic heritage of our town and thankful for the enduring support of our community. This unique blend of partnership and expectation has created a school district rich with opportunity to watch your children develop confidence in their abilities and potential.

Valley proudly employs highly qualified teachers who are dedicated to their own lifelong love of learning and can truly inspire our students to pursue theirs. Our small class sizes and community partnerships allow us to tailor our curriculum to meet our students’ individual needs as well as offer them opportunities for dual credit and dual enrollment. We are very proud of our Valley Viking schools and students. As you continue to click through our website, we’re sure you’ll find out why!

Educational Objectives

We are dedicated to providing our students with the best possible education, while being good stewards of our available resources, so they will be well able to meet the challenges of our changing society. We want every child under our care to:

  • discover his/her interests and abilities, and create a plan to nurture that potential to succeed;
  • practice good health by choosing healthy habits and physical fitness;
  • become proficient in the areas of communication arts, science, social studies, and math;
  • cultivate an appreciation of art, music, and literature;
  • develop skills in hobbies and recreational activities they can enjoy throughout their lives;
  • nurture an appreciation for the development of our great country: its heritage, traditions, and culture;
  • develop critical thinking skills that will help them adapt in an ever-changing society; and
  • participate in the social, economic, political, and ethical responsibilities as fitting an American citizen.