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Valley R-VI Hosts 8th Grade Night

Eighth grade girls pose with their parentsOn January 7, Valley R-VI recognized our 8th grade athletes. We want to recognize them for their dedication and hard work over the past two basketball seasons. Each athlete has displayed leadership, hard work, and determination, both on and off the floor. Being a student athlete can be tough, but these young ladies and young men have handled it with ease.

8th Grade Girls

  • Danielle Hampton - Daughter of Tammy and Chuckie Hampton
  • Carletta West - Daughter of Bobbie and Chris West
  • Marissa Thee - Daughter of Bobbi and Mark Govro
  • Shealy Hamelback - Daughter of Stacy Laramore
  • Molly Stetina - Daughter of Melissa Stetina and Jeremy Stetina

8th Grade Boys

  • Ethan Tiefenauer - Son of Crystal Windel and grandson of Pam and Joe Tiefenauer
  • Colby Maxwell - Son of Candace and Ryan Maxwell
  • Jason Maxwell - Son of Kathy and Tim Maxwell
  • Hayden Asbridge - Son of Janice Asbridge
  • Chris Illert - Son of Erin and Ronnie Illert
  • Dylan Conner - Son of Linda King
  • Gauge Rugh - Son of Erin Camden

Parents, thank you for your dedication to these young athletes. Without your help, none of this would be possible.

Santa Visits Valley R-VI Elementary

Our Valley R-VI Elementary students got a surprise visit from a special someone. Santa!

Santa came to spread some holiday cheer by posing for photos with our students and staff. He even passed out candy canes to everyone.

View more photos of Santa visiting Valley R-VI Elementary students

Students of the Month

Congratulations to our December students of the month! The character word of the month was integrity. The junior high recipient was Isaiah Thebeau, and the high school recipient was Emily Nipper.

A huge thank you to Roy’s Convenience Store for donating pizza for our students of the month.

Isaiah ThebeauEmily Nipper
29th Annual Valley Invitational Tournament

Team members reach for the basketballValley R-VI held their 29th annual Valley Tournament from November 26 through December 1, 2018. The seeds for the girls were South Iron first, West County second, Jefferson third, Lesterville fourth, Bourbon fifth, Valley sixth, Kingston seventh, and Bismarck eighth. The seeds for the boys were Bourbon first, Bunker second, Kingston third, Valley fourth, Viburnum fifth, St. Paul sixth, Bismarck seventh, and Marquand eighth.

The first game of the Valley Tournament was on November 26 with the varsity girls, South Iron vs. Bismarck. The game resulted in South Iron winning with an ending score of 77-9. The second game of the tournament was Lesterville vs. Bourbon with Lesterville conquering with an ending score of 44-29. The next game was West County vs. Kingston. West County had a victorious win with an ending score of 72-23. The last game of the night was Jefferson vs. Valley. Valley battled it out with Jefferson but lost with an ending score of 62-30.

The Valley Tournament continued on Tuesday with the boys. On Tuesday, November 27 the boys playing the first game were Bourbon and Marquand with Bourbon pushing for the win and ending up on top with a score of 69-15. The next game of the night was Valley vs. Viburnum. Valley had a successful win with an ending score of 65-47. The games continued with Bunker vs. Bismarck. Bunker got the win with a close game and an ending score of 38-32. The last game of the night was Kingston vs. St. Paul. Kingston won with a finish of 57-52.

Marquand vs. Viburnum was the first game held on November 28. Viburnum won the game with an ending score of 79-30. The next game of that night was Bismarck vs. St. Paul. Bismarck put out a good fight and won the game with a close match of 77-75. 

The girls teams continued their tournament on Wednesday, November 28. Bismarck vs. Bourbon was the first game for the girls. Bourbon had the victory that night with an ending score of 56-45. The next game of that night was Kingston vs. Valley. Kingston won the game with a score of 47-33.

On Thursday, Valley and Bourbon boys played and Bourbon won with an ending result of 65-55. Bunker vs. Kingston played later that evening and Bunker triumphed with a score of 52-44, having Kingston place in third. The girls continued their tournament with South Iron vs. Lesterville. South Iron and Lesterville battled it out with South Iron winning with a score of 73-38. West County vs. Jefferson played and the game was a close call with West County winning with a result of 55-50.

On Friday, November 30 the girls played a game with Bourbon against Kingston. Kingston won that game and received the consolation. The games continued with Bismarck vs. Valley and the score was 60-29 with Valley claiming seventh place. The boys game featured Viburnum vs. Bismarck. Bismarck battled it out and won the game with a score of 68-52. Marquand vs. St. Paul finished the night with St. Paul winning and placing in seventh with a final score of 81-38.

The Valley Tournament ended on Saturday, December 1 with South Iron vs. West County. The score resulted in 44-34 with South Iron winning the championship. The last game for the boys Valley Tournament was Lesterville vs. Jefferson with an ending score of 60-45. The games continued for the girls on Saturday with South Iron vs. West County for the champion with South Iron winning with a score of 44-34. The last game of the Valley Tournament was Lesterville vs. Jefferson with a score of 60-45, which ended with a result of Jefferson in third place. The Valley Tournament was successful and helped prepare the players for their upcoming seasons!

We would like to thank Emma Bradley for this article.